Authentic Cuban Cuisine.

805 Copa Club 1575 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura, CA

Phone: 805-644-1500


Fried Yuca

Vegetable root fried and served with a tasty garlic dipping sauce.


Papas Rellenos

Potato balls with cheese, or beef, or ham & cheese.


Empanadas (3)

Tasty Cuban seasoned ground beef or chicken wrapped in a flaky crust.



Maduros (sweet) or tostones (savory) fried plantains



Frijoles Negros

Traditional Cuban style black


Beef and Veggie Cuban Soup

Homemade beef stock with yuca, plantains, and carrots



Mashed green plantains, yuca, and potatoes cooked in garlic butter


Three Bean Salad

with tasty mint dressing


Yuca Mojo de Ajo

Yuca root marinated in garlic


Moros y Cristianos

Cuban style black beans and rice


Arroz Amarillo

Saffron flavored rice


Arroz Blanco

Cuban style white rice


Platos…all served with platanos madras

Pollo al Ajo

Broiled chicken marinated and cooked with an authentic citrus Cuban mojo sauce with your choice for two sides.


Cuban Fish & Chips

Beer-battered fish and Cuban seasoned fries accompanied by tartar sauce and guava sauce


Ropa Vieja

Shredded flank steak, peppers and onions served with your choice of two sides.


Lechon Asado

Cuban style roasted pork served with your choice of two sides.



Spicy seasoned chopped beef hash topped with fried eggs and a choice of two sides.



Saffron rice tossed with an assortment of seasonal seafood and meats, served with a choice of one side.


Seafood Creole

Large sautéed shrimp, scallops and squid in a creole sauce. Served over saffron rice with your choice of one side dish.


Veggie Creole

Yuca, zucchini, red and green bell peppers in a tasty creole sauce served over saffron flavored rice and your choice of two sides.


Cuban Chinese Fried Rice

During the 1800’s Cubans and Chinese have enjoyed a great culinary world with each other – this is our tribute to the culture.
A blend of Cuban and Chinese spices with platanos maduros, carrots, cabbage, scrambled eggs and rice.
Meat, Veggie, or seafood
Meat: Ham, Chicken or Pork
Seafood: Shrimp, Scallops or Squid


“The Copa is fantastic! The Cuban dishes are delicious and authentic while others have an artistic flare like the Cuban Chinese Fried Rice.”

“Ventura Harbor is beautiful. Dining at the Copa is an experience.”